When the gas stops

img:gas meterIf your gas line stops, check your gas meter first. Your gas meter automatically stops incase of gas leak or major earthquake (above level 5.0). In that case you can restart the gas by yourself as noted below. But if you smell gas, do not restart the gas and call us (022-292-6663) immediately.

How to restart the gas meter

  1. img:Turn off all gas appliancesTurn off all gas appliances and close gas cocks or valves except on your gas mater.
  2. img:Remove the reset button cap.Remove the reset button cap.
  3. img:Press the button firmlyPress the button firmly and remove hand immediately. Then the red light blinks again. Replace the reset button cap.
  4. img:Wait for about 3 minutesWait for about 3 minutes. You can use gas when the blinking ceases. If the blinking continues for more than 3 minutes, make sure again that all appliance cocks or valves are closed. Go through the procedures again.