When an earthquake occurs

What should you do when an earthquake occurs?

1. Do not panic

e_quake_01.gif Turn the stove off if you are cooking. Huddle under the table to keep you safely. Do not panic and stay calm to avoid secondary disasters.

2.Turn off the gas and close the gas supply valve.

img : Immediately extinguish all open firesAnd also turn off all gas appliances including which located outdoors.

3.Resume gas use

Intelligent gas meter shuts off your gas automatically in case of an earthquake above level 5.0 occurs. When the meter shuts off the gas and red light blinks, you can resume the gas by yourself.
When there are no major problems such as gas leak, open the gas meter valve and use the gas appliances.
How to restart the gas meter
If you smell gas, do not restart the gas meter and check “when you suspect gas leak”.