Gas Leak Alarm

For your safety, we recommend you to set a gas leak alarm. It offers 24-hours aid, 365 days a year in case of gas leak.

Various types of alarms

Gas leak alarm alerts you to a gas leak with a light and sound alarm. If you lease them, lease fee is added to your monthly gas bill.

Gas Type sensor type model payment Price
(including tax) yen
City Gas 3 sensor
Wall type XF-183K-1 Lease Price 200/month
Retail Price 7,500
Ceiling type XW-205GK Lease Price 230/month
Retail Price 8,600
2 sensor
Wall type XF-183 Lease Price 170/month
Retail Price 6,200
Ceiling type XW-205G Lease Price 200/month
Retail Price 7,400
Propane Gas 1 sensor
Wall type XH-628FP Lease Price 130/month
Retail Price 4,300

※1 3sensor:Gas leak+Carbon monoxide+fire perception
※2 2sensor:Gas leak+Carbon monoxide perception
※3 1sensor:Gae leak perception


Wall type Ceiling type
img:Wall type img:Ceiling type
  (Seperate electric construction
is required when it is being installed.)

How to get your gas alarm

Call our customer center (0800-800-8977).
Hours of Operation:8:30-19:00(weekday), 8:30-17:00(Saturday)