How to pay your gas bill

You can pay your gas bill by account transfer, credit card or simply taking your gas bill to a designated window.  If you wish to enroll in account transfer or credit card, please get our application form at local bank or our windows.
The amount of gas you used and the payment amount to be paid are shown on the gas meter reading note which is delivered at the time of meter-reading.

account transfer

Your bank account will be debited on the due date shown on your gas meter reading note each month.
Apply by our application form at your local bank or our windows. Bring your passbook, personal seal used in the passbook and a notice on which your customer number printed such as bill or receipt.

<Accepted Banking Agencies>
・All domestic city banks
・All intra-prefecture regional banks, shinkin banks, rokin bank, etc.
・All domestic post offices

credit card

Your credit company will pay the bill for you and charge you for a transaction later. Apply by our application form and then submit application form to your credit card company.

<Accepted Credit Card>

画像:三井住友カード  mastercard_logo.png  画像:JCB  画像:Diners  amex_logo.jpg


pay in person

Bring your bill to any of our designated windows to make your payment.
Payment can be made at Sendai City Gas payment windows, any convenience store and designated financial institutions.

Customer Center

Hours of Operation:8:30-19:00 (weekday), 8:30-17:00 (Saturday)